Incorporating Culture into Film

Posted in Language Preservation on December 17, 2008 by Digital Smoke Signals

Native  artist are now incorporating photography, film, graphic design into media stories telling.

History has been so one sided on the history of Indigenous People, so share your Indigenous Stories about

how you define your culture, history and language into Digital Story Telling.


New Media and Film

Posted in Language Preservation on March 2, 2008 by Digital Smoke Signals

Creative thinking is an expression can be easier than ever before through film, graphic design, and web-page development.  Now is the time to articulate your ideas and expressions through creative ideas, art, and full force of imagination.

By involving the youth with media, film and graphic design and expression of healing can be achieved with creative ways to express hurtful, harmful, and overcoming hardships that would be hard to discuss to adults.

So how does this work?  by being creative and artsy yourself with an open mind, heart, and understanding that everyone has their own expressions of what healing means to them.

: )


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Technology is rapidly changing throughout the world, but one place it doesn’t seem to change are on all our Reservations within the boarders of the United States.  Indian Country is struggling in the Digital Divide and can be aimed not on only Indian Country but also low income urban areas and communities.

Technology is at a rapid stage of convenience for the public, private, and corporate entities.  So how does the average person socialize with technological availability?  Some could say money can buy more technology, or having the the right connections to the available equipment.  I would say that just go into Radio Shack, Apple Store, or surf online to help yourself be educated on the sources that are currently available.

Technology is only limited to those who are technically illiterate.  The key component is to educate yourself and enclose your environment with the knowledge you need to understand your goals in technology.

Much of the software for wireless equipment is online as OpenSource software.  OpenSource software is even being used by Government Departments, Corporate Co., Small Business, and Educational Institutions.

Use what is available to you for free, many small businesses and programmers are making this available to the public for the reason of preventing corporate companies having a monopoly on software upgrading, purchasing, and distributing.

So create your own software, make your own hardware and develope your own successful working software and hardware solutions.

How I Broke my fear of Public Speaking

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nullThere are many different type of people who believe that their language perception, public speaking abilities, and vocabulary aren’t at a conceptual understanding as many they compare themselves to. I once felt this same feeling as I tried to articulate what was in my thoughts my first year in college and couldn’t for some reason. Many of my friends had said the same thing of relating to the idea of lost words.

I think one of the first stages of getting myself out of this thought was to educate myself on why I was unspoken at times I should speak out. The fear of saying something stupid always came with the words spoken or what did everyone else think of me saying what I said, or even the presenter saying something that reflected my comments as uneducated or even like what do you mean….hello I just told you what I meant or at least I thought I did.

So the fear of being made to feel stupid is always there and someone who is patient with you can help you understand how to articulate your language, presentations, and even written speeches. Break your fear by presenting yourself to speak at all levels of acedamia, presentation for clubs, and them walk your way up to conference presentations. Join a campus club of speakers to help yourself break the fear, the fear of failure in speaking. I joined the Thunder Bird Theatre at Haskell Indian Nations University to break my fear. I remember the first time we had a play…I froze and I knew everyone else knew this, but….I kept going and the fear went away. After a while I just had fun and looked forward to the next play. Moving forward as club president of different clubs, dorms presidents and so on….made a great impact on my public speaking.

So the keys aspect of understanding how to break the fear of public speaking is to work yourself into public arenas and practice, practice, and presents. You can do it but only you are the product of your own success. Don’t let anyone take that from you and you’ll be fine.

This is my Master Thesis at The University of Kansas

Posted in Language Preservation on March 9, 2007 by Digital Smoke Signals

Well everyone my Master Thesis is to provide working solutions for Isolated Indigenous communities with the opportunites of e-learning, language preservation, Technology and economic development tools.

I will deminstrate argue my thesis with a visual documentary describing my work as a visual presentation. The power of visuals my friends can describe words and expressions without even talking. More to come

Numah Yaduah (Talking Paiute)

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Welcome to Digital Smoke Signals. I will be deminstrating how to let the world hear and see your thoughts. We are in an intellectual battle and you are the WARRIORS!!